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Calculation of candidate’s high school diploma results in recruitment process for academic year 2024/2025

Please note a document: Calculation of candidate’s high school diploma results

Unless otherwise specified in the above-mentioned document, foreign high school diploma results of candidates applying for first-cycle studies or long-cycle 5-year Master-level studies are calculated as following:

  • subjects equivalent to basic or advanced level at Polish maturity exam are taken into account,
  • if level of subject cannot be defined, result will be calculated as following:

W = Wk x 0,8


W – the final result
Wk – subject result obtained at high school diploma

  • in the absence of the required subject at maturity diploma, Admission Commission can take into account result of the subject deemed to be equivalent,
  • calculation of maturity diploma results is adjusted to the Polish maturity exam grading system,
  • calculated (using the appropriate calculation method) maturity diploma result taken into account in the qualification procedure must be greater than zero (0).