Required documents

Please note! Due to entry into force of the Act on higher education and science, regulating higher education in Poland, list of required documents may be modified.

  • Before qualification for studies candidates are obliged to attach (or send by email directly to the faculty/institute) scanned copies of required documents.
  • Upon arrival to Poland, candidates must submit originals of required documents directly to the appropriate faculty or institute.

PLEASE NOTE that non-submitting required documents by specified deadline is equal with resignation from undertaking studies. In justified cases the faculty or institute may extend the deadline for submitting documents.


  • in case of application to first (BA) or long-cycle (MA) studies – the original of secondary school (maturity) certificate or another document (with a full list of final grades), entitling to undertake university-level study in country in which the certificate / document was issued
  • in case of application to second-cycle (MA) studies – the higher education diploma (MA, BA, engineer diploma or equivalent) with a full list of grades obtained during the course of study, entitling to continue university-level study in country in which the diploma was issued
  • a legalisation / authorisation of above-mentioned documents (or apostille if the document was issued by an institution operating in the educational system in a country that was a member of the Hague Convention of 5th of October, 1961 abolishing the requirement of legalizing foreign official documents) [read more]
  • a document stating that the certificate / diploma entitles to undertake or continue university-level study in country in which the certificate / diploma was issued (such proof should be issued or certified by the school or educational institution which issued the certificate / diploma or by educational authorities of the country which issued the certificate / diploma or in which system of education the school operates)
  • original sworn translations into Polish language (or English language if a candidate undertakes studies provided in English) of all the documents listed above, made by a Polish (English) sworn translator (a list of sworn translators at the website of Ministry of Justice), or a sworn translator registered in any of EU, EFTA or OECD country, or a Polish consul in the country where the documents were issued, or an embassy or consulate of the country which issued the documents or in which educational system the school operates located on the territory of Poland
  • a certificate of recognition (nostrification) of secondary school (maturity) certificate / higher education diploma, if applicable [read more]
  • an application for admission printed out from candidate’s individual registration account in the Candidate’s Registration System and signed up by the candidate
  • a photocopy of an id (passport’s personal data page and page with visa). A copy must be certified by the UW upon your arrival to Poland
  • a colour photo (such requirements as for passport photo)
  • an application for issuing student’s id printed out from candidate’s individual registration account in the Candidate’s Registration System (it is necessary to attach a digital photo first)
  • a proof of student’s id payment (17 PLN); in case of foreign nationals residing abroad who cannot make the transfer, proof of payment for the student’s id can be delivered upon arrival to Poland [read more]
  • if need be, the proof of candidate’s right to be admitted on the same rules as applicable to Polish citizens (for example: residence permit, Card of the Pole, etc.) [read more]
  • if applicable, a health certificate stating that there are no objections to undertake studies on the chosen programme by a foreign candidate (if the health certificate was issued in a foreign language, a sworn translation into Polish language)
  • if need be – additional documents, depending on the chosen programme of study